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Tully Wine Essentials
Welcome to Diversified Products and our exciting lineup of Wholesale Wine, Bar & Beer Accessories. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer you our Tully TM WINE ESSENTIALS branded products. We have developed and carefully designed this marketing backer card for our products. Our dynamically cardedTully TM WINE ESSENTIALS brand means greater sales and profits for you and your store. You can count on us to supply you with quality Wholesale Wine, Bar & Beer Accessories, delivered promptly and paralleled with top-notch customer service.

Minimum Wholesale Order Requirement: $89.00.
There is a $10.00 surcharge for orders under $150.00.

Featured Products
Table Model Corkscrew by Le Creuset ®
Decantus Aero Wine Aerator
Mesh Bottle Sleeves
New “Screw-Cap” Slow Wine Pourer
Formerly Screwpull
Our Best Selling Wine Aerator  
Mesh Bottle Sleeves
New for “Screw-Cap” Bottles!
Finally Here!
16oz Four  Bottle Beer Carriers - Plain White
Plain Six Bottle Beer Carriers - 12 oz. - Wholesale
12oz Four Bottle Beer Carriers – Plain White
New! 16oz Bottle 4 Pack Carrier
For YOUR “Pick-Six” Programs
Beer 6 Pack for 12oz Bottles
For YOUR “Pick-Six” Programs
New! 12oz Bottle 4 Pack Carrier
NEW! By Customer Demand
No Bar Should Be Without this Tool
NOVELTY Bottle Suit and Can Holders
Maryland Flag Insulated Tote Bag
Maryland Flag Growler Cover 64oz
Novelty Designs for
Bottles & Cans!
Maryland Flag Insulated Tote Bag
Leak Proof
Maryland Flag Growler Cover 64oz
  • Our History:
  • Our Mission:
  • Our Commitment To You:
  • Growing To Serve You Better:

  • On this site you will find wholesale and bulk Wine, Bar and Beer Accessories including:

    Wine: Waiter’s Corkscrews, Wing Corkscrews, Traveler’s Corkscrews, Pocket Corkscrews, Two Prong Corkscrews, Foil cutters, Aerators, Bottle Stoppers, Champagne Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Pourers, Soft Grip Corkscrews, Double Hinged Corkscrews, Wine Gift Bags, Wine boxes, Six Bottle Wine Carriers and Totes, Wine Preservers, Wine Stain Remover, Wine Tasting Cups, and Plastic Wine Glasses, Wine Charms.

    Bar: Stainless Steel Cocktail Shakers, Acrylic Cocktail Shakers, Cocktail Strainers, Stainless Steel Flasks, Plastic Travel Flasks, Jiggers, Speed Pourers, Muddlers, Bar Sets, Liquor Filled Chocolates, Mixing Glasses, Bar Guides, Drink Recipe Books, Shooter Cups and Shot Glasses.

    Beer: Beer Gift Boxes, Beer Six Bottle Carriers, Beer Rings, Bottle Openers, Cap Lifters, Beers of the World Boxes, Micro Brewery Boxes, Church Keys, Bartender’s Key, Stationary Bottle Openers, Beer Bottle Insulators, Beer Bottle Suits, Beer Can Insulator, Can Cooler, Can Jacket.

    Brand Names: We host products from brand names such as: Pedrini, VacuVin, PullTap’s, Le Creuset, Boomerang, Capitano, The Bartender’s Black Book, Private Preserve, Turin Chocolates, Tappenzee, Haley’s Corker, Posi-Pour, Grip-it and Universal Bottle Stopper.

    Our History:

    Diversified Products was founded in 1985 and has been serving the beverage industry for over 27 years. Our first products were Beer Gift Boxes and Wine Boxes. We have sold millions of these boxes to our customers across the US. We have also supplied hundreds of thousands of custom printed wine and beer boxes to our retail and distributor customers. In 2004 we added wholesale wine and barware to our line-up of products and the result is the this website that you see today.

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    Our Mission:

    To generate additional profits for our customers. That’s it. That’s what we do.

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    Our Commitment To You:

    We will help you increase your profits by supplying you with competitively priced wholesale wine and bar tools and accessories and by helping you merchandise them to increase turnover and maximize sales.

    Growing To Serve You Better:

    In 2007 we moved into a new office/warehouse facility which has allowed us to serve you better. We will continue to grow our business so we can help you grow yours.

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    To Order Call 800-942-2282 or 410-827-6111

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