6 Bottle Beer Sampler Gift Box
Beer Sampler 6 Pack- Gift Box

6 Bottle Beer Sampler Gift Box

  • 50
  • $1.82
  • 100 - 250
  • $1.69
  • 300
  • $1.63
Item #P5630-03
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  • Easy to assemble: Sturdy Construction
Beer Sampler 6 Pack Beer Gift Box gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a true selection of Imported, Micro Brewed and Craft Brewed Beers not just a canned selection of one brewery's different flavors. You use your beer expertise and experience to construct a gift of distinction that your customers will be proud to give their friends and relatives.

The first mention of beer was in ancient Egypt. Over the millennia beer has come to be brewed in most countries of the world. There is a wide variety of styles and tastes of beer available for all of us to try and enjoy. This Beer Sample 6 Pack Gift Box will be your customers' door to this exciting World of Imported, Micro Brewed and Craft Brewed Beers.

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